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Inventor Certified Professional: Practice Exam

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At Summit Learning and Technology, we understand how important achieving certification can be to you. It is our goal to help you obtain your certification with content that has been specifically written to cover the official certification objectives published by Autodesk. We guarantee that every objective covered on the Inventor Professional Certification exam is also covered in this practice exam.

Inventor Professional Certification Objectives:

Advanced Modeling

Create a 3D path using the Intersection
Curve and the Project to Surface commands
Create a loft feature
Create a multi-body part
Create a part using surfaces
Create a sweep feature
Create an iPart
Emboss text and a profile

Assembly Modeling

Apply and use assembly constraints
Apply and use assembly joints
Create a level of detail
Create a part in the context of an assembly
Describe and use Shrinkwrap
Create a positional representation
Create components using the Design Accelerator commands
Modify a bill of materials
Find minimum distance between parts and components
Use the frame generator commands

Part Modeling

Create a pattern of features
Create a shell feature
Create extrude features
Create hole features
Create revolve features
Create work features
Use the Project Geometry and Project Cut Edges commands
Edit existing parts using Direct Edit


Edit a section view
Modify a style in a drawing
Edit a hole table

Presentation Files

Animate a presentation file

Project Files

Control a project file

Sheet Metal

Create sheet metal features


Create dynamic input dimensions
Use sketch constraints
Sketch using Relax Mode


Create a weldment.


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