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Civil 3D Professional Certification Prep - Quick Reference

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At Summit Learning and Technology, we understand how important achieving certification can be to you. It is our goal to help you obtain your certification with content that has been specifically written to cover the official certification objectives published by Autodesk. We guarantee you that every objective covered in the Civil 3D Professional Certification Exam is also covered in this course.

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Civil 3D Professional Certification Objectives:


  • Create and use object styles
  • Create and use label styles
  • Lines and Curves
  • Use the line and curve commands
  • Use the Transparent commands


  • Create points using the Point Creation commands
  • Create points by importing point data
  • Use point groups to control the display of points


  • Identify key characteristics of surfaces
  • Create and edit surfaces
  • Use styles and settings to display surface information
  • Create a surface by assembling fundamental data
  • Use styles to analyze surface display results
  • Annotate surfaces


  • Design a parcel layout
  • Select parcel styles to change the display of parcels
  • Select styles to annotate parcels


  • Design a geometric layout
  • Create alignments

Profiles and Profile Views

  • Create a surface profile
  • Design a profile
  • Create a profile view style
  • Create a profile view


  • Design and create a corridor
  • Derive information and data from a corridor
  • Design and create an intersection

Sections and Section Views

  • Create and analyze sections and section views

Pipe Networks

  • Design and create a pipe network


  • Design and create a grading model
  • Create a grading model feature line

Managing and Sharing Data

  • Create a data sharing setup

Plan Production

  • Create a sheet set
  • Use view frames


  • Identify key characteristics of survey data
  • Use description keys to control the display of points created from survey data
  • Create a boundary drawing from field data

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