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Learning Autodesk Inventor - Certification Practice Exams Included

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The primary objective of this course is to provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of Autodesk Inventor. This course is separated into 11 chapters covering key areas of manufacturing design in Inventor.

    Course Duration: 40 Hours

    After completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Open and view Autodesk Inventor files, set the project file, and view part and assembly models.
    • Create assemblies, edit part relationships, and create assembly representations using Autodesk Inventor.
    • Define geometric relationships in sketches and create individual parts using sketches and primitives.
    • Use multiple tools and techniques to modify Autodesk Inventor part models.
    • Use placed features to advance the design of Autodesk Inventor parts and assemblies.
    • Incorporate work features into your design workflows.
    • Create and edit presentations of your assemblies using exploded views and animations.
    • Create and edit 2D documentation of your 3D designs using drawing views and styles. Fully document your 2D views using dimensions, tables, leaders and symbols.
    • Document your exploded assembly views using balloons and parts list.
    • Reuse native AutoCAD data to define part sketches in Autodesk Inventor.


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