Becoming an Autodesk Certified Instructor

ACI autodesk certified instructor

The Autodesk Certified Instructor Program has been renewed and is now available to a wider audience. The Autodesk Instructor Development Portal or "IDP" is the exclusive platform by which an instructor or educator can prepare, obtain, and maintain the new Autodesk Certified Instructor or "ACI" credential.

Utilizing a globally scaled content distribution network, the PEAK platform delivers xAPI learning content and resulting learning experiences to a growing global list of students, instructors, and educators. PEAK's integration with the Acclaim digital badging platform enables the IDP to verify existing ACP and ACU credentials, and issue the new Autodesk Certified Instructor credential and associated digital badge. Once the ACI has been obtained, the IDP offers content and reporting features that enable instructors to maintain their ACI credential.

By aggregating content from Summit Learning and Technology and Autodesk, the Instructor Development Portal delivers blended learning experiences with native xAPI learning experiences and Learning Record Store.

For more information on the new Autodesk Certified Instructor Program, click here.

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